Zendesk helps companies provide a great overall customer experience, and build customer relationships that are more meaningful, personal and productive.

Rightdecisions will help you deploy and intergrate Zendesk with your internal systems to provide the best solution tailored for your needs.

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SAP. Flexibility and ease of use

Is SAP a strategic tool for your company? Have you ever dreamed of making SAP easier to use to your business users? Would you like to speed up the upload and query processes in your SAP system? And all of it without programming?

Don't think twice and know the solution that will answer all those questions and get more from your SAP system while saving money and resources.

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Web Projects

Technology consultancy specializing in web environments. RightDecisions is a company focused on providing a global solution to out customer's online business, providing professionals with proven experience in consulting, design, development and maintenance of web projects.

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Who guides you in the way makes the difference. RightDecisions advises companies in the decision making and implementation of a sourcing project, providing a global view of the implications and risks in every step of the way, ensuring a fulfillment of the goals under the best possible conditions.

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