Sourcing strategy counseling

The sourcing (outsourcing, cosourcing, insourcing, etc) is an essential discipline to ensure a continued balance between supply and demand, and it is a critical goal for any service organization.

The practice of sourcing allows, under optimum conditions, different service strategies: cloud , R & D initiatives essential for expansion and growth, internationalization of operations, strategic changes in business lines, operating costs reductions to cope with adverse financial situations, etc..

RightDecisions' focus of this practice is to provide the most value for decision-making and support to our customers throughout the outsourcing process to ensure compliance with the objectives set.

A description of the key questions that managers in charge of decision making have to answer in each of the phases of a sourcing process follows:

Diagram showing key questions that managers must answer in each of the phases of a sourcing project

RightDecisions independence is a key factor. It is important to highlight that RD is not a service provider and has no agreement with any sourcing provider, even though out team has been working in this sector for many years, so we can assure our customers the neutrality and transparency of RD conclusions and recommendations.

Sourcing services catalog

  1. Sourcing strategy Definition: RightDecisions advises you to set the optimal sourcing strategy for your company, taking into account both the assets and resources of your company and the alignment between business objectives established with the internal situation of the Company.
  2. Building management groups for the sourcing practice: RD helps clients to create management groups within the organization. The members of the group will be trained in the management fundamentals of sourcing, an area where RD has a lot of experience.
  3. Evaluationof the customer's organizational maturity for the sourcing, and improvement program definition.
  4. Assessment in the decision making: Collaborating in defining the optimal relationship models with potential service providers.
  5. Writing requirements to potential suppliers: The RD team has experience in drafting outsource Service inventories, RFI, RFQ and RFP customized to each of our customers.
  6. Supplier evaluation and Deals. Based on the information provided by the suppliers, the Rd team makes an objective assessment of the various offers maximizing the benefits for the customer while minimizing risks. It is important to remind the independence on the conclusions and recommendations made by RightDecisions.
  7. Negotiation support: The RD team has extensive experience in negotiating with service providers in addition to use standard contract templates as a basis for negotiation.
  8. Support the implementation of the resolutions adopted: This is the most complex stage in the process of outsourcing. The RD team has identified a number of «best practices» in order to reduce the risks on this phase.