Get more out of SAP while saving money

SAP shortcomings WinShuttle solution
Complex and inflexible UI. Data entry simplification through familiar interfaces of Excel or Sharepoint.
Time and quality concerns for data creation, change, and extraction. Easy for users to manage their own data.
Inflexible business processes. Flexible workflow system to surround SAP.
Require expensive and specialized resources for routine tasks. No need of ABAP programming for custom data loading and querying and to define workflows.

Estimated savings(*)

Graph showing the estimated savings by using WinShuttle. Information provided by WinShuttle's customers

(*) Estimation based on data provided by Winshuttle's customers

Do you want to know more?

WinShuttle product family adapts to your business needs providing::

  • Flexible applications: WinShuttle product family works with any SAP module or transaction. WinShuttle can be centrally managed and can be used to define and run workflows surrounding SAP. It can also leverage any SAP BAPI.
  • Ease of use: WhinShuttle allows that both business users and IT users can query, extract data of upload data to SAP without programming. SAP Administrators will see their management and administration tasks simplified.
  • Secure and compatible: Winshuttle follows SAP security and takes advantage of the SAP authorizations to comply with all security requirements in the data load and querying from SAP.
  • Reliable solution: More than 1.400 customers use WinShuttle. They have gained huge savings removing because of the increase of usability and reduction on SAP development, training and support.
  • Customer satisfaction: more than 1.400 customers in 42 countries expressed gave WinShuttle a 99% Customer Satisfaction Score.

Goal: Ease of use and cost reduction

Diagram that shows that usability and flexibility are key pieces of WinShuttle solution
  • Multiple Interfaces targeted to end users (Office, Mobile, Web)
  • Flexible Workflows
  • Secure and Autidable (builds on top of SAP security and auditability)
  • No programming
  • Certified solution

Winshuttle is an SAP® & Microsoft Software Partner
All Products are SAP & Microsoft Certified